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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The #50Things Challenge

Alyssa Milano recently suggested a list of ways to give back without having to spend money to do so. The article is here 

Join in. We're going to post a new suggestion each day and if you participate, Tweet it out! We'll post your Tweets here in the Blog.

Time to give back!

Here are the challenges for the #50Things Challenge (updated daily)

Pass on a book you've enjoyed. Write a note saying what you enjoyed and instruct the next "owner" to pass it on after they're done #50things

Instead of "googling" when searching - use Good Search and these guys will make a donation to Spreading Joy.

Donate gently used dvd's, vhs tapes and video games - I'm sure Spreading Joy can find those that will love to use them.

Be Positive today - with the depressing economy, bills falling behind - this can really be tough, but it will encourage those around you and in the process bring joy to yourself.

Donate expired coupons to the troops overseas.