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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Milano Monday / Army Assignments

Quite a few people have asked how to join "Alyssa's Army". Well it is a very simple process!

This is not a formal organization at all. Anyone can be a part of Alyssa's Army. We try to be more than just a fan club that worships its idol (although Alyssa sure is worshippable, huh???) Alyssa Milano certainly is a celebrity, but in the past few years, she has proven to be a whole lot more.

Her kindness and generosity are seemingly boundless. Alyssa participates in some great charity organizations, and her Army is delegated with the duty of helping the BossLady spread the word, to raise awareness of the needs of others. Hers is an Army I sure am proud to be part of.

And of course, everyone knows that being in the Army is fun, right? Ok maybe not that Army, but we like to think that life here is about the good times too. When you join that Army, you have to go to Boot Camp. Well in our Army there is Boot Camp, Sandal Camp, Sneaker Camp and whatever other footwear you enjoy!

The closest thing we have to "deployment" is #MilanoMonday

On #MilanoMonday, we all have the chance to be a part of Alyssa's Army. Each week, there's a different theme (although some weeks, it's freestyle fun). Just keep an eye out for that hashtag, and jump right in. You don't even need a parachute!

One new thing that we will be putting in place on #MilanoMonday is the occasional "Army Assignments" Sometimes there is an urgent need to get the word out about something, and #MilanoMonday can be a great way to do that. We'll post Army Assignments in time for the next #MilanoMonday; you'll see the Army Assignments link on the right!

It's nothing formal here at Alyssa's Army. It's a real community with a wonderful leader, but the tie that binds is love... love for each other, our planet, our people, our pets, our friends and of course our BossLady, Alyssa Milano.

Let's use our voices to help spread Alyssa's love to everyone!

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