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Monday, December 19, 2011

Another Happy Day For the BossLady

Alyssa and Baby Milo in the garden
It would be hard to wish Alyssa Milano a great day that could ever top the day Milo was born, but today is The BossLady's birthday.

So we can try, right?

Why not add your own wishes right here? Join in the fun and say a few words to the Best of the Best on Twitter!

Happy birthday, Alyssa Milano, with all the love your Army can give! Enjoy your day, and thanks for sharing such a great time with all of us!


Donna4210 said...

Happy Bitthday Alyssa! You have inspired me, lifted me up when I was down. Charmed got me thru the death of a husband & the birth of a child. You should know, you touched my life & I know you've touched others as well. Have a wonderful birthday. Much love,

Donna4210 said...

Sorry, birth of a grandchild!